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Experienced Wellington interior house painters with considerable attention to detail

Right Choice Decorators have a professional, qualified team on hand to provide interior house painting services in suburbs right throughout Wellington Central, Lower Hutt and Porirua. Our highly skilled painters will make sure your house is treated with professionalism, incredible attention to detail and dedication to create a perfect finished look. 

Our general painting processes are:

Set Up

For interior jobs we make sure your property is protected and treated with care

  • All items are relocated in the center of the room and covered with clean plastic sheets

  • Floors and carpets are also protected with cloths to keep it clean from spills


  • All ceiling and walls will be sanded

  • Any holes or cracks on the walls are given seal repairs with undercoats


  • Apply 2 full coats of premium paint to the walls

  • Apply 2 full coats of ceiling flat paint to the ceiling

  • Apply 2 full coats of acrylic enamel paint to doors and windows to complete the interior finish


The work site will be kept clean and tidy throughout the job and once everything is completed, all your furniture will be put back in it's place. We guarantee your house will look clean, bright and beautiful once our team have finished the job.

Make an enquiry on our website to arrange a free quote for all our residential painting, commercial painting services and plastering work.

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