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Add value to your Wellington home with exterior house painting services from Right Choice Decorators

We know that a home is one of your biggest investments so it is worth looking after and protecting the outside of your property. Painting the outside of your home not only makes it look great but it also helps to increase it's market value.

Just like with our interior house painting work we use experienced painters and the highest quality paint products. The weather in the Wellington region can be harsh so using a quality paint is a must for a long-lasting exterior paint finish.

Our general painting processes are:

Set Up

The areas to be painted are washed and water blasted and we will organise the scaffolding hire and set up


  • Holes or cracks on the walls are filled and sealed repairs with oil primer. Any rough areas are also filled with primer

  • Check for any rusted surfaces found and then sand them all ready for the paint stage



  • Apply 2 full coats of premium paint to painted surfaces

  • Apply 2 full coats of acrylic enamel paint to any painted doors and windows



The work site will be kept clear and tidy throughout the job. Clean up is done daily to avoid hazards, as well as upon completion of our work. 

View our gallery of completed work or contact us directly to discuss some options for your home. Our team of expert exterior painters can't wait to make your Wellington home the best it can be!

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