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Long lasting and hard wearing roof paint applied by a professional Wellington based team


If you are looking for a professional roof painter with experience and knowledge of the Greater Wellington area then why not give the team at Right Choice Decorators a call. 

With over ten years experience in the industry we offer a range roof painting options to protect and enhance the look and functionality of your roof.

Our general roof painting processes are:

Set Up

Arrange scaffolding and other equipment needed for the work. We then wash and water plastic all the roof


Scrape all the flack paint on the roof

Any rust will be filled with primer and rust killer


  • Apply a full undercoats to all surfaces of the roof

  • Apply 2 full coats of premium roof paint to the roof



The work site will be kept clear and tidy throughout the job and clean up is done daily to avoid hazards, as well as upon completion of our work. 

We also provide commercial painting services which complement our professional roof painting work. Make an enquiry via our website to find out about our full range of affordable painting services for Wellington homes and businesses. 

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